About Us

ECM (Engine Control and Monitoring) develops, manufactures, and sells test instrumentation and control systems for vehicle powertrains, engines, and combustion systems.  Our products are used to increase energy conversion efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions.  Founded in 1988, ECM is the world’s largest producer of ceramic sensor-based engine and combustion system test instrumentation. 

ECM’s innovations include:

  • The ceramic sensor-based NOx analyzer
  • The ceramic sensor-based EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) analyzer
  • The ceramic sensor-based NH3 analyzer
  • The polymer sensor-based PM (particulate matter) analyzer
  • The ceramic sensor-based RDE PEMS
  • Dynamic pressure compensation for ceramic sensors
  • “Smart” ceramic sensors
  • Rugged fast-response temperature measurement

ECM’s tools are used by major vehicle manufacturers, engine manufacturers, combustion system manufacturers, research institutions, and government agencies throughout the world.