Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Systems

ECM’s RDE systems combine emissions gas measurements with GPS, vehicle data stream, and ambient measurements into a portable package suitable for use on vehicles of all sizes.  RDE systems are available in two forms: miniPEMS™, a small package for use on scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, and miniPEMS 2 for larger vehicles.

Operation of miniPEMS is simple: mount the emissions sensors in the exhaust, the GPS on the roof (for miniPEMS 2), connect to the vehicle’s data stream port, and every time the on/off switch is toggled, data is recorded.  After the testing is over, data is then uploaded to a PC where it appears in an Excel™ file.  miniPEMS is powered by one or four internal batteries but can alternatively be powered by the vehicle itself or an available AC/DC power supply.

miniPEMS systems are built from ECM’s measurement modules.  Base miniPEMS systems have a NOxCANt module (NOx, O2, Lambda), a 4tcCAN module (four K-type thermocouple measurement channels), a WAAS-enabled GPS, and a data logger.  From the base system you optionally add functionality as needed with the following options:

* Additional NOxCANt, NOxCANg, NOxCANf, or 4tcCAN modules
* NH3CAN module (NH3 for diesel engines only)
* COCO2CAN module (CO2, CO)
* pmCAN module (particulates PM, PN)
* baroCAN module (ambient T, P, Rh)
* 10gpiCAN module (10 channel voltage, current, frequency input)
* 4gpoCAN module (4 channel voltage and 4-20mA output)
* appsCAN (throttle pedal simulator)
* OBD2/CAN Data Stream Monitoring for cars and light-duty trucks
* J1939 and ISO18541 Data Stream Monitoring for heavy-duty trucks
* ETAS INCA™ connectivity kit
* AC/DC power supply
* Shorty Exhaust Sampling Kit

miniPEMS holds up to four modules.  miniPEMS 2 holds up to seven.

Using miniPEMS as a development tool, ECM has created and demonstrated a low-cost NOx and PM/PN compliance tool called EZ-PEMS.  This device was demonstrated at the 2022 PEMS Conference in UC Riverside and is shown in this presentation and this video.  EZ-PEMS is available to government agencies researching simplified “field test” compliance devices.

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