10gpiCAN Kit

(General-Purpose Voltage, Current, and Frequency Input)

10gpiCAN is a general-purpose, ten channel CAN input module.  Each of the ten channels can be individually assigned to measure a voltage, current, or frequency.  ECM’s Configuration Software is used to set up the module (Baud Rate, Node ID, Broadcast Rate, Inputs).  Although only eight inputs can be viewed at one time using the Configuration Software, all ten are transmitted by the module.

Terminal assignments are shown on the module’s label.  Electrical connections are via BNC connectors.  The input connectors are Deutsch P/N: DTM06-12A (the gray one) and DTM06-12B (the black one).  The terminal locks are P/N: WM12S.  Terminals are P/N: 0462-201-2031 and are crimped using tool P/N: HDT-48-00.

Recommended module power is 12V to 24V (28V Maximum).  Current draw is 25mA @ 24V.
Module (electronics ) Temperature Range: -40 to 85 ⁰C

Enclosure is 145mm x 120mm x 60mm and IP67.

Important Notes:

  1. All input grounds are internally connected and connected to power ground and CAN ground.
  2. Use ECM Configuration Tool Version 4.47.1 or later.  Download from www.ecm-co.com


Input Type Range Resolution Sample Time Abs. Min & Max Input Imp.
Analog 0-5V 1.2mV (12 bit) 1 ms 0, 40V 1 MΩ
Analog 0-10V 2.4mV (12 bit) 1 ms 0, 40V 1 MΩ
Current 0-20mA 5μA 1 ms 21 mA, 12V 249 Ω
Current 4-20mA 5μA 1 ms 21 mA, 12V 249 Ω
Freq. 0.5-50hz 0.01Hz na 0, 40V Open/PU/PD, 22 KΩ
Freq. 10hz-1kHz 0.01Hz na 0, 40V Open/PU/PD, 22 KΩ

Included Kit Components

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10gpiCAN Manual (Ver. 5-19-17, 305 KB)
ECM Configuration Tool (Ver. 4.48.20, 30 MB)
AppNote2212011 10gpiCAN with Sonoflow (153 KB)