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The DJET1000 Air-Fuel Monitor Kit brings the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of the AFM1000 Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor to Dynojet™ dynamometers.  The DJET1000 Kit is a complete plug-n-play air-fuel ratio (AFR) measurement system that includes an external sampling system that draws exhaust from the tailpipe of a car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV through a flexible probe placed in the tailpipe.  The probe is mounted on a stand that can be easily adjusted to the vehicle’s tailpipe height.  A wide-range AFR sensor is located in the probe and measures the AFR.  The AFR sensor is removable for optional mounting directly on the vehicle’s exhaust system.  A compact pump mounted at the probe’s exitdraws exhaust through the probe and past the sensor.  For long, trouble-free operation, the pump is powered by shop air and has nomoving parts.  The AFM1000 module connects to the AFR sensor through a 20′ cable and passes the AFR data to the DJET1000 adapter module that plugs directly into the Dynojet DynoWare™ stack.  AFR data is displayed with RPM and horsepower in real-time.  Plotting, storing, and recalling runs are the same, but now AFR data is included.  The DJET1000 Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit provides accurate, repeatable AFR data that integrates perfectly with Dynojettest results.


Sampling Style Tailpipe probe or direct
Tailpipe Pump Power Air compressor
Module Power From Dynojet stack
AFR Cable Length 20'
Ranges & Accuracies
AFR 8.0 to 18.0
Accuracy ±1.5%
Output AFR appears in Dynojet software

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DJET1000 Manual (Ver. 2004-02-18, 2 MB)
DJET Kit Brochure (1 MB)