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gpsCAN is a GPS module that outputs speed, course, longitude, latitude, and altitude information in CAN.   The baud rate is fixed at 250kbs and its broadcast rate is fixed at 10Hz (100ms) for speed, course, longitude, and latitude.   Broadcast rate is fixed at 1Hz (1s) for altitude.   gpsCAN is WAAS-enabled.

gpsCAN comes with a three-suction cup mount and a 6m cable (Eurofast 12mm).   The unit is sealed and can be used in the rain and in temperatures from -30 to 80 ⁰C.   Required power is 9 to 32V at 40mA (@12V).

Included Kit Components

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gpsCAN Manual (Ver. 6-11-19, 266 KB)
ETAS INCA Connectivity Kit Manual (Ver. 2021-09-01, 243 KB)
ECM Configuration Tool (Ver. 4.48.20, 30 MB)