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ECM’s LambdaCAN Module is a powerful, “next-generation” wideband Lambda (and AFR, O2) measurement module with a CAN interface.  In addition to providing outstanding measurement range and accuracy, LambdaCAN addresses the two principle sources of error with wideband sensor use: sensor aging and pressure sensitivity.  All wideband sensors supplied are factory-calibrated and this calibration is stored in a memory chip in the sensor’s connector.  For best accuracy over the life of the sensor, calibration can be quickly performed using ambient air.  This recalibration is stored in the memory chip and stays with the sensor.  Sensors can be tested and recalibrated in a central location and distributed to users, ensuring consistent results throughout a large test facility.  Pressure compensation (P-COMP™) improves accuracy at non-stoichiometric (i.e.  λ ≠ 1) and non-atmospheric (i.e.  P ≠ 101 kPa) conditions.  For example, a pressure increase of only 34 kPa will cause an error of 0.58 λ at λ = 3.  Pressure compensation eliminates this error and enables innovative applications such as %O2 measurements in intake manifolds.  Pressure data is available on the CAN bus.

LambdaCAN will work with all NTK and Bosch-type wideband sensors.  It is programmable for all fuel types (H:C, O:C, N:C ratios and H2).  LambdaCAN outputs λ, AFR, %O2, pressure, and all sensor parameters including pumping current, resistance, and sensor age factor.

Response Time Less than 150 ms
Fuel Type Programmable H:C, O:C, and N:C ratios, and H2
Power 8 to 28 VDC, AC/DC (optional)
Sensor Mounting Wideband: 18mm x 1.5mm thread
Pressure: 1/4" NPT (SAE) or 6mm (Metric)
Dimensions Module: 145mm x 120mm x 40mm, Environmentally Sealed
Sensor Cable: 0.5m (sensors), +1m (standard), +2m (optional)
Operating Temperature Electronics: -55 to +125°C, IP67
Sensor: 850°C (maximum continuous)
Ranges & Accuracies
λ 0.4 to 25 (± 0.6% at stoichiometric, ± 0.9% average elsewhere)
AFR 6 to 364 (± 0.6% at stoichiometric, ± 0.9% average elsewhere)
F/A 0.003 to 0.167 (± 0.6% at stoichiometric, ± 0.9% average elsewhere)
φ 0.04 to 2.5 (± 0.6% at stoichiometric, ± 0.9% average elsewhere)
O2 0 to 25% (± 0.1%)
Pressure SAE: 0 to 75 psia (± 0.1 psia)
Metric: 0 to 517 kPa (± 0.7 kPa)
CAN CAN2.0A. Compliant with ISO 11898.
Configurable via CAN using ECM's Configuration Tool software.

Included Kit Components

The base kit includes the following:

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The base kit will include one of the follow sensors based on your sensor type selection:

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Pressure Compensation (SAE) option adds the following:

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Pressure Compensation (Metric) option adds the following:

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Calibration Tools

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LambdaCAN Module Configuration Software Manual (Ver. 2014-01-28, 2 MB)
LambdaCAN Brochure (US) (Ver. 10-13-2008, 216 KB)
LambdaCAN Brochure (Eur) (Ver. 10-13-2008, 146 KB)
Vboost Power Supply Brochure (162 KB)
Firmware Update Procedure for Modules (220 KB)
ECM Configuration Tool (Ver. 4.48.20, 30 MB)