miniSOOT 5260 Analyzer

(Measures PM, PN)

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PM (particulate matter) is the most difficult emissions parameter to measure.  In the past, equipment to measure PM has been expensive, large, complex, and difficult to maintain.  ECM’s miniSOOT 5260 revolutionizes PM measurement through the use of a spark plug-sized sensor that you simply screw into the exhaust.  Because the sensor is located in the exhaust, no pumps or sample lines are required.  Supporting electronics for the sensor is small, is powered by 11 to 28 VDC, and requires very little current, making the miniSOOT 5260 suitable for in-vehicle use.

PM sensors operate on a charge-transfer mechanism and have their calibration stored in a memory chip in the sensor’s connector.  Sensors are factory calibrated and can be quickly disassembled and cleaned.  Due to the nature of the sensor, cleaning restores the sensor to its factory calibration.

The miniSOOT 5260 reports both PM and PN and can be used for tailpipe (ie.  post trap) and engine-out applications.  A second PM channel can be added.  Distances of up to 100 meters between the sensor and analyzer are possible with no loss in response time or accuracy.  With six analog channels and CAN communication, the miniSOOT 5260 can be integrated into any data acquisition system.  To simplify in-vehicle use, the miniSOOT 5260 can be turned on and off with a signal from the vehicles’s ignition switch.

Power 11 to 28 VDC, 0.14A @ 12V
Sensor Mounting 18mm x 1.5mm thread
Dimensions 105mm x 64mm x 165mm (W x H x D)
6m cable (std), up to 100m (optional)
Operating Temperature Electronics: -40 to +85°C
Sensor: 500°C, 935°F
Ranges & Accuracies
Accuracy PM (Mass): 0.05 to 100 mg/m3 (±10%)

PN (Number): 0.24 to 480 M/cc (±10%)
CAN Programmable communication protocol
Analog 6 channels, 0 to 5V linearized and programmable for PM, PN, etc.

Included Analyzer Components

The base kit includes the following:

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Each channel will add the following parts:

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Each channel will come with a sensor based on your sensor type selection:

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Rackmount Installation Guide (193 KB)
Vboost Power Supply Brochure (162 KB)
Firmware Update Procedure for Display Heads (155 KB)
ECM Configuration Tool (Ver. 4.48.20, 30 MB)