Measurement Module Kits

Measurement module kits are categorized according to what they measure or do.  Click on a category below to see what kits are available.  Most module kits come complete with sensor, cable(s), and control module.

Measurement modules are displayless devices that output their data on CAN, others as an analog voltage (0-5V) or current (4-20mA).

Modules with “CAN” in their name have a CAN output and come with ECM’s PC Software Configuration program that allows the user to setup the module, calibrate the sensor, and record the data.  One of the advantages of CAN modules is that they can be daisy-chained together to build powerful data acquisition systems.  ECM’s miniPEMS systems are essentially assemblies of CAN modules with a data recorder and battery pack.

ECM offers three display heads that can be used with measurement modules.  Two of these display heads allow the conversion of CAN data to analog voltage (0-5V) outputs.  For the conversion of CAN data to 4-20mA outputs, see the 4gpoCAN module in the Voltage, Current, Frequency, I/O Modules category.